Prof. Hugh Lauder

Hugh Lauder is Professor of Education and Political Economy at the University of Bath (1996-to present). He has studied at The University of London, (The Institute of Education), and gained his Doctorate at the University of Canterbury (NZ). He was formerly Dean of Education at Victoria University of Wellington. He specialises in the relationship of education to the economy. and has for over 10 years worked on national skill strategies and more recently on the global skill strategies of multinational companies.

His books include: Lauder, H, et al (eds,) Educating for the Knowledge Economy? Critical Perspectives (2012), London, Routledge; Brown, P, Lauder, H, Ashton, D (2011) The Global Auction: The Broken Promises of Opportunities, Jobs and Rewards, Oxford University Press, New York; To be published in Chinese by the Human Science and Technology Press; Lauder, H, Brown, P, Dillabough J-A and Halsey, A.H. (eds.) (2006) Education, Globalization and Social Change, Oxford, Oxford University Press; Brown, P, Green, A and Lauder, H., (2001) High Skills: Globalisation, Competitiveness and Skill Formation, Oxford, Oxford University Press. Brown, P and Lauder, H (2001) Capitalism and Social Progress: The Future of Society in a Global Economy, Basingstoke, Palgrave Press. Reprinted in Chinese, 2007. He has published many academic papers including on international education and globalization, and is editor of the Journal of Education and Work. He is a Visiting Professor at the Institute of Education, the University of Turku (Finland) and Witwatersrand, (SA).

Dr. Srbijanka Turajlić

Born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia (Serbia). Graduated from the School of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade and obtained MSc. and PhD. degrees from the same school.

As a professor of control engineering she spent most of her professional life lecturing at the School of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade, with occasional visiting professorships in the region and the US. Her key research areas are computer process control, signal processing, adaptive systems, and fuzzy control. In addition to teaching and research activities, Dr. Turajlic served as the vice-dean for education at the School of Electrical Engineering, chair of the Belgrade University Committee on Education, and the head of the Computer Center at the School of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade. From 2006 she is engaged as consultant for TERI Engineering, an ICT Company in Belgrade.

In the mid-Nineties she focused her interest on the area of higher education, accepting a position as Chair of the board of an NGO the Alternative Academic Educational Network (AAEN), of which she is a founding member.

From March 2001 till March 2004 she served as the Deputy Minister for Education of the Republic of Serbia. She was in charge of the higher education system in Serbia and was steering the HE reform process.

In March 2003, Dr. Turajlic was appointed the holder of the UNESCO-Chair for University Management at the AAEN, which was followed by the Chair for the Development of Education at the Center for Education Policy.

Dr. Maarten Simons

Maarten Simons is professor at the Laboratory of Education and Society of the KU Leuven, Belgium. His research interests are educational theory and political and social philosophy with special attention to educational policy, new forms of government(ality) in education, the public role of (higher) education and current transformations of the university. Part of his current research is understanding the public role of the university from an educational point of view, and more particularly by describing the university’s specific ‘pedagogic form’. In line with this interest, he organized together with his colleagues of the Laboratory of Education and Society the exposition and conference Curating the European University (2011). The exposition presented several projects that try to give shape to the public role of the university (in teaching, research and service) and offered the participants the opportunity to debate these projects.

Maarten Simons is (together with Jan Masschelein) the author of Globale Immunität. Ein kleine Kartographie des Europaischen Bildung­sraum (2005, Berlin/Zurich, Diaphanes) and Jenseits der Exzellenz Eine kleine Morphologie der Welt-Universität (2010, Berlin/Zürich, Diaphanes), Apology of the school: A public issue (in Dutch, 2012, Leuven, Acco) and the (co-)editor of the books, The learning society from the perspective of governmentality (2007, Blackwell), Re-reading educational policies (2009, Rotterdam, Sense Publishers), Curating the European university: Exposition and public debate (2011, Leuven, University Press Leuven), Rancière, Public Education and the Taming of Democracy (2011, Oxford, Wiley-Blackwell) and the author of several articles in journals and edited books. He is member of the executive board of European Education Research Journal and Pedagogische Studiën.